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The first step of this process is to get YOU mentally prepared for this life change. Selling your home of course has to do with price…but it also depends on the motivation of the seller. So, many homeowners focus on the wrong things.

In Module 1: Moving from Within, it’s all about YOU! It will be very clear what a successful, savvy seller, does to get prepared to sell a home. You will be able to identify some problems holding you back and create an action plan to move you ahead of your competition on the market.

In Module 2: It’s time to focus your attention on the potential buyer. Who will be buying your home? We do this by identifying not only the style of your home, but through the demographics and psychographics of your neighborhood. By determining what buyers want you can then use their perceptions to assess your home and make their first impression a lasting one.

Or You Can Buy The Stage 2 Sell Strategy Course Bundle and SAVE!


Here’s what you’ll learn in the Stage 2 Sell Strategy:

  • How to obtain a seller’s mindset
  • How to find and maintain your excellence
  • How to create a buyer profile and assess each area of your home using the five senses test
  • How control your clutter, get creative storage solutions.
  • What repairs or improvements will give you the biggest return on investment
  • How to maintain a white-glove clean home everyday
  • How to set focal points in each room
  • How to distract from negative characteristic of a room
  • What are the different ways you can lighten up your home
  • What are the design trends
  • How to arrange furniture and accessories by using emotional connection points

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